Variables for Google Docs and Google Slides

${Doc Variables}

A simple way to create amazing Google Doc templates.

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Download the add-on for Google Docs and Google Slides

You can install it from any Google Doc or Slide by clicking on Tools->Get Add-ons and searching for Doc Variables.  Or, you can install it directly from the GSuite Marketplace.

Add your variables to your template Doc or Slide

Follow the instructions in the sidebar to get started.  Or you can learn more about the different types of variables in our documentation.

Add the variables replacements and save as a new Doc

A form will be generated in the sidebar to fill in the values for your variables.  Press the apply button, and follow the instructions to complete the process.


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Enjoy the power of the top rated G Suite add-on for creating templates and get rid of the pain of manually updating contracts, proposals, etc.

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Jessica F.
5 star rating icon
Doc Variables is a total life saver! I use it at work and it totally transforms the way that I streamline work processes; take more time to think instead of redoing slides and documents. Thanks Doc Vars team for this amazing tool!
Shane R.
5 star rating icon
Google should have included something like this but they didn't and this little app has really filled a huge gap.  My guess is google will buy Jesse's company for millions and integrate it into their native program. Hopefully Jesse will negotiate a consultant position out of them when they buy him out since he is so much more helpful than google with questions.
Peter F.
5 star rating icon
This is my first review in Google workspace, but I wanted to leave one as this FREE tool has just saved our company hundreds of man-hours a year with a simple install. It does exactly what it is advertising to do... with some nice UX surprises that really help document workflow. Thank you for making this available!
Jeff K.
5 star rating icon
Doc variables is a fantastic tool! It is extremely easy to use once you know how to write the variables. Then with a click of a button, you can ensure all the right information is listed consistently throughout your document. We use it to write RFPs, proposals, and contracts. Using Doc Variables streamlines the process of entering in names, addresses, pricing, etc., and gives us the peace of mind that all of the "I"s are dotted and "T"s are crossed!