Core Features

Quickly create documents.

‍Use our simple syntax, ${variable name}. Don’t worry Doc Variables will recognize each different variable. Multiple instances of the same variable can be used to add the same value in multiple places.

Additional variable types are available including dropdown, calendar, text area, import, image, and more advanced options. See documentation for complete specification.

Collaborate with your team members

Rather than highlighting or underlining text that needs to be replaced, now team members can see all the necessary replacements.  Utilizing different variables types (dates, images, files, etc) gives you more control over what others do with your template.

Save time preparing all of your documents

Stop manually replacing text like client names and dates. Tell Doc Variables what each variable should be and let it do the heavy lifting.


Merge Spreadsheet Data with your Templates

Use data from a Google Sheet to create multiple documents.  Each row of the sheet will create a new document.  Great for generating monthly reports for clients.